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Photo: Lars Opstad

The norwegian music convention by:Larm 2011 worked well for us. We did a gig at Gamla, one at Internasjonalen and the last gig were at Rockefeller. We also featured the fabulous rock band Oslo Ess.

This is the second time we appear at by:Larm in Oslo. It’s a great thing this convention, cause you get to meet fellow musicians, as well as interesting (and not so interesting) people from the music industry.

If you’re lucky, you’ll become one of the few hyped band in front of the festival. This leads to massive reviews, and hopefully to lots of gigs during the year. If you’re not that lucky, it’s still important to be there. It is a useful experience, and it looks good at your CV.

We experienced some technical problems on our first gig at Gamla. First, we arrived fifteen minutes late on stage. This was due to technical challenges. Then we were finally announced. The concert started with 10 minutes of silence .. Not in memory of someone, or perhaps in memory of the sound that was not there .. Anyway, everything worked out and we played our allotted 30 minutes, and got good response from the audience. Some of us stayed after the concert, and watched a pretty cool world music orchestra.

The next day we played at Internasjonalen, a stage hosted by NRK P3 (norwegian broadcasting company). An intimate and sweaty affair .. This stage presents selected bands that have been highlighted by NRK P3 in the last year.

The evening ended with the concert at Rockefeller. This was our last concert at by:Larm 2011. Nearly 1,000 people in the audience and a hell of a punch through the speakers.

Thanks to by:Larm for inviting us.