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Several weeks ago, we received an email from SXSW. It confirmed that we were selected. It really changed our perspectives for 2011. Now the harsh reality is back, and it’s about visas, finance, travel expenses, hotel expenses, public relations, promotions, etc. But we Would not miss it for the world.


Hommage to Beirut

Posted: 21.12.10 in Ukategorisert

One of the bands out there that deserve props is our favourite Beirut. Their eclectic Balkan/Europe/pop style is unique and very cross-over. The clip we selcted for you is an acoustic version of their song Nantes. The clip was originally filmed by Vincent Moon an posted at the fabulous LA BLOGOTHEQUE

No need to say more,

Here’s Nantes by Beirut

You’re welcome

Freaky cover!

Posted: 17.12.10 in Ukategorisert

We couldn’t resist. When we were asked to do a live cover at the radio show popsalongen we thought about it for about 3 secs and then chose to do a cover of ‘Freaky Like Me’ by our brothers in Madcon. Gypsy style.

So here’s a live version of Mr. King and then the gypsy funky cover ‘Freaky like me’, Live at NRK Radio, P3.

Christmas is all over us again. If you’ve had enough of Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer and christmas carols, we suggest you take a closer look at these guys. These guys will definitely put you in an alternative Christmas mode. Balkan Beat Box is an Israeli musical group founded by ex-Gogol Bordello member Tamir Muskat, Ori Kaplan of Firewater and Big Lazy, and Tomer Yosef. This is a clip from a show in NYC earlier this year.

We, the people of FORZA, are extremely proud & happy to announce that we are going to play at the SXSW 2011 festival in Austin, Texas, March 16 – 20 2011. As you may know SXSW (South by Southwest) is the largest music festival in the United States. This makes us extremely happy!