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Posted: 26.06.10 in Ukategorisert

The concert at Volumfestivalen was spectacular! We had a great time on stage.
Right after the concert we went to the night club at Volumfestivalen, to drink some beer.
today we’re gonna play in Oslo, at the ” theater boat” we looking forward to play!

Here are some pics from todays night out.

Cheers Milad with the eyes, Ole with the hat, Pablo from chile and fuck PK

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After really good food at babek’s home, we went to check out Elevrum by night.
We went to the pub “Soundgarden”, and we drank some beers. We went home and started jamming at the Hotel, and we think we made some new songs…

Right now we’re sitting in a big house named dilling, watching Brazil – Portugal in the World Cup. The soundcheck went very well and we’re looking forward to play tonight!!!

Pablo, Milad, Jaser and Ole

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Right now we’re in Babek’s garden in Elverum, eating B.B.Q that Babek’s mother and father have made. It’s fantastic to eat so good food after driving a long way from Trondheim!

We’ve taken some pictures;

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Bye Trondheim!

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Here are some pic’s

Today the “Bergen Light Rail” opened up, for the first time you can take “the train” to Nesttun!
we had to concerts today at the “light rail party”! It was much fun, we played at “Nesttun” and “festplassen”.
It was many people watching and great audience!

Tonight we’re gonna drive all the way north to Trondheim! Sleeping in cars aint bad!!


Listen to the new song we’ve made!
We hope “Sunshine” brings the summer feeling to your head!

Its a norwegian link, just press “lytt” and the music will appears;

we’ve been looking forward to this summer. Traveling around Norway playing our music for the people.
That’s why we’ve made this new blog, so all the people who know us or just find it fun to read about “Forza on the road” can do that here.
we promise to update every day, tell you about yesterdays best moment and all the things we’ve going to do.